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Domain Name Web Addresses For Sale. Existing branded names, traffic names brandable names. Many are Prime high profile URLs some of the best names for their catagory on the net are to be found here.

What can a domain name do for you or your business ?

Type-In: Domain Names = Direct navigation, this is the only method other than search engines that online consumers can use to search for information, products and services. Direct navigation "Type-In" by online users typing in a website address. Typing a domain name directly into the Address Bar (uniform resource locator) (URL) address bar of an Internet browser. The address bar is not the search box of a PC home page.

The Internet as we know it "today" cannot function without a domain name. No name = No website = NO Business. Every website on the internet has a domain name. Without a domain name there is no website.

Millions of people search the net every day. By typing a domain name into the address bar they dont have plough through multi millions of results on a search engine. Not all domain names or websites for that matter can be found on search engines.

The alternative to search engines is to aquire a Type-in domain name .. why .. because it will not only bring the desired specific targeted visitors to your website .. it will also retain it's value and be a real asset in dollar terms .. more than likely it will appeciate in value .. at the end of the day the money that was spent on advertising and or search engine placement ads will just vanish. The domain name that you own will be there long after advertising budget has disappeared.

If you focus that advertising budget on the purchase of a good type-in domain name and or an existing established name .. the asset will still remain .. There are no type-in domain names left to register .. they have all been taken (registered) such names are only possible to aquire on the domain after-market.

A domain name is your opportunity to expand your market place, increase and promote your business products and services to potential new customers. Even a simple informational name/website is your window of opportunity to the World. 

A domain name is your business card, your online signature on the world wide web.

Recent large investments in domains = consolidation.This is a potential $1 billion ad business, Domain buying is converging with pay-per-click advertising to form a growing Internet marketing business. Increasingly, domains are bought or held for the purpose of pay-per-click advertising, relying on "type-in" Direct Navigation traffic and a flow of advertisers. 

Direct Navigation businesses are generally built with large volumes of domains, aggregating relatively small amounts of traffic. With minimal fixed costs, primarily the annual domain name registration fee, this means that individual domains can achieve high margins from advertising, revenue generated by relatively low levels of type-in traffic and ad click-throughs.

The only way to obtain a domain name that has existing web vistor traffic or that is an existing brand or a name that is easily brandable is to BUY IT!

The concept of domain name powered Traffic is not widely understood by many people, even knowledgeable webmasters, advertising agencies, who are in the business mostly rely on outside advertising or use their skills of search engine optimization to promote their websites, there are many that use sub domains to gain search engine placement or just pay big $$ for sponsorship links on the multitude of search engines that are out there.

Many spend more money on promotion of their website .. over time .. than one could ever spend on a domain name purchase cost. A domain name is a long term investment in web site promotion, advertising campaigns are short term, they only last as long as you keep on paying for ad placement. 

The Traffic = web visitors being drawn to the website because of the domain names.

There are exceptions. Professional domain name managers who own a huge percentage of generic domain names of which most are re-directed to pay per click search engine landing pages, they know how to make money without development, just with the simple use of a domain name.

Many names featured here for sale on this site do just that. Redirect to pay per click search engine link landing pages. The domain names can drive dedicated traffic to where-ever the owner chooses when-ever he / she so chooses.

There are not a lot of viable websites out there in cyber space that can actually produce an income, even some of the worlds great websites make very little money. Most are information / content related and rely on visitors clicking on advertisments that are sponsored by second or third parties. They also rely (in most cases) totaly on search engine placement and paid sponsor links for their traffic / visitors.  Many resort to print/TV media advertising just to let you know that they exist and that costs a lot.

Domain names are their own advertising media, so to speak, like having your own press, TV, billboards etc. A good domain name has little to no reliance on search engines.

There is *NO* outside expenditure to advertise these domain names. The Revenue can be generated by click on links thoughout the World. This reflects the increasingly prominent role of domain names in business strategy and the Internet economy.

The domain names featured on this website are mostly boutique' or niche' market domains, particular catagories, such as ringtones, mobile cellphones, games, music, cars, travel, domain registration, brandable names, existing traffic, etc.

The names are for sale as individual entities or as groups/catagory ie: ringtone names, music, mobile cellphones, automotive names, travel, poker/gamling, etc.

The complete portfolio can be purchased, all domains and websites as a complete package, suitable for experienced domain name managers, investment venture capital groups etc.  Under these circumstances a total buy out would be at a very reasonable discounted price for the whole package.

The majority of the domain names are owned by one entity, some are registered to a seperate entity, but all names are available from the one source.

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This is not a public domain name sale site. Please do not request a listing of your own domain names as this site is temporary and dedicated only to the names listed.

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